Having been in the headhunting business in Vietnam since 2008, our approach makes dealing with us a unique experience. Our vision is to help individuals and organizations achieve their ambitions – we see our role as an integral part of an individual’s journey through life and a company’s journey to greater success. This vision translates into a service standard and commitment to excellence that is unrivalled in the market.


We deliver – every time! We’re proud to boast a nearly 100% record of success on contigency assignments. And as if this weren’t compelling enough, we’re also delighted to report that over 70% of our placed candidates can still be found in the same organizations two years on, with over half of them having progressed to more senior roles.


We have a unique talent pool and access to exclusive talent. Whilst most recruiters now report that in excess of 50% of their candidates come from social media sites, in 2018 only 25 % of our placements came from such channels. Our 60,000 strong candidate database never lets us down!


We can demonstrate the value in what we do. By developing our special approach to recruitment, we’re not only able to demonstrate real value for money, but also proof of process giving you the reassurance that we’ve done everything possible to deliver the very best our industry has to offer. And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is – we offer an industry 100%-Money-Back guarantee!


Our business is built on ethics. Let’s be honest – our industry is often criticized for its tendency to over promise and under deliver. And occasionally, perhaps this reputation is deserved. We understand that ethical business practices must be the cornerstone of our business if we are to defy the critics and delight our clients. We boast a thorough CSR policy that is monitored and regularly reviewed and we‘re committed to ensuring that our skills have a profound and positive impact on our wider community as is evidenced in our active partnership with “Tomorrow’s People”. We also ensure that we act ethically in every interaction with our key stakeholders, and we’re prepared to back this up; our promise features a commitment that we will not headhunt from our clients – one of the most common complaints about recruiters we hear today.


Our culture is truly unique. Whilst everyone says that their people are what make them different, it’s the fact that our people love working for us that makes us stand out from the crowd. We don’t just offer a great environment where our people are supported in meeting their career goals with on-going training and development; we also ensure our people feel personally fulfilled whilst at work – how many companies give their employees an additional two paid holiday days a year to devote time to charitable causes? Our people are motivated, fulfilled and committed – the kind of people you want to work with.



Address: Pearl Plaza, 561A Dien Bien Phu Road

Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 Phone : +84903695142